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a comical game. I enjoyed it a lot. good slap stick would like to see more.

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Really, really enjoyed this game. The aesthetic was gorgeous, the battle mechanics were intricate and well thought out, and everything seemed equally well balanced and fair. Character development was on point and there was enough diversity to break up any monotony that might have reared up.

I didn't really find anything wrong with it, honestly. Very little feedback to give regarding improvement, as there didn't seem to be any passability or spelling issues. No crashes that I'm aware of, etc. The writing was your shining star here. This game was absolutely hilarious from the moment it started. I would really have expected a game like this to place higher in the competition, so, very well done there.  

I will say, if you are not a fan of strong language, this may not be the game for you. Even still, it was never over the top and completely suited the character and the moment. Nothing but praise for this entry and hope to see it continue after the IGMC.  Here is the LP:

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Cute game with hilarious writing and surprisingly, the characters do swear if they have to. Also if you want to see dust bunnies, roombas and security robots with guns, I recommend this game. 

The mapping is tight and the dungeons are simple enough to not be annoying. It's there to wake you up once in a while. I also like how the game doesn't make it impossible to evade touch encounters. You can choose if you really want to fight or just avoid them all and just use your wits to win every encounter. Also you can use a Nuclear Bomb and may or may not suffer the consequences.

The battle system is tight and great for 1 hr and 30 minutes. There's obvious care put into the presentation as well. 

Anyway, play it for yourself. It's really fun and short.